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What is Transita


What is Transita

April 13, 2021

Africa, though a latecomer to the digital world space, is making very rapid progress especially with the advent of smartphones and mobile internet connectivity. While a few users just use their phones to make and receive calls, very many smartphones today are being used for a lot of online services including:

  1. 1. Reading and sending emails
  2. 2. Browsing the internet
  3. 3. Interacting in the social media space
  4. 4. Ride Hailing
  5. 5. Online shopping or eCommerce.
ride hailing apps
Some African Ride-Hailing Apps

If you have ever bought a product or service online: a phone, a camera, a pair of shoes then you have participated in eCommerce.

eCommerce sites can be broadly categorized into two groups.

GIGM Website
Gigm.com Website

Single brand websites

A site that only sells the product or service of one business. An example is gigm.com. If you go to GIGM website, you are not browsing all the available transport options from one state to another, rather you will only find trips of this particular company. This is a vendor-specific website

konga website
Konga.com website

Marketplace websites

These are sites that list products and services of different vendors for sale. An online marketplace means that the website includes numerous retailers and shoppers. Jumia is a popular example of a marketplace retail website.

Marketplace websites like amazon, Jumia, Konga, etc are a preferred way to shop online because

  1. - They are popular with customers and offer a convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source

  2. - Being part of an established online marketplace provides a level of trust between the seller and the buyer

  3. - They provide impartial reviews (usually by the customers themselves) of products and services and  this gives new customers the confidence to buy

  4. - Hardly any intending air traveler goes to the website of an airline to book their tickets rather they do this on online ticket booking sites like sky scanner, google flights, etc

join beta


Transita is a mobile-first intercity bus ticket booking marketplace, that brings you all the advantages of the retail marketplace and airline ticket booking in Nigeria. If you have booked a flight online before then you will find Transita very similar.

Have you faced any of these challenges when attempting to book a land trip from one city to another?

  1. - Not being able to locate the bus terminals of the major transportation companies around you?
  2. - Hoping to travel on a budget but do not have the tools to compare offerings?
  3. - Outside of your favorite bus company do you know other bus companies doing similar trips and how much they charge?
  4. - Running late to book your trip, and unable to find the earliest available bus trip to join?

These and many other dilemmas have been resolved by Transita for intercity travelers in Nigeria and indeed the rest of Africa

From the get-go, Transita empowers you to search, compare prices and book online tickets  of all the major interstate transport companies including

  1. - ABC Transport
  2. - Chisco Transport
  3. - Efex/ Efosa Express Ltd
  4. - GUO Transport Ltd