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Travel Hack: How to Spend Less When You Travel By Road

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Travel Hack: How to Spend Less When You Travel By Road

March 11, 2022

These days, saving money means everything. Prices have gone up both in the aviation and road transport sector. How can the average man or woman spend less when travelling by road? The tips listed here will help you save money while travelling by interstate bus. 


Step 1: Make a list of things you spend money on. 

The first step is to list the things you typically spend on while travelling. It will help you identify the unnecessary expenses and the necessary ones. They might include your transportation to the bus terminal, your bus ticket, food and drinks, snacks, food and gifts for loved ones waiting at your destination, refreshment for friends and family travelling with you, a snack for one or two passengers beside you, etc. 

Taking a look at the list above, it is easy to see where your money goes. That makes it possible to cut out unnecessary expenses or cut down on the amount you spend on each item. You may even be surprised to see the number of things you spend money on. That alone can move you to take the needed action. 


Step 2: Avoid some common mistakes. 

The next step is to stay away from mistakes travellers usually make. These blunders make you lose cash while travelling. Some things that could make you spend more money than you should include: 


a) Trying to impress a fellow traveller. 

That cute lady or handsome guy you’re admiring - does he or she really matter that much to you? You barely know them - why even try to impress them? What are the odds of meeting this person again? Almost zero, very likely. Even if you happen to meet them again by chance, is it worth spending more than you can afford to? Is it not much better to be yourself and give them the opportunity to like you for who you really are? Plenty of food for thought! 


b) Feeling like you’re on a holiday. 

The “holiday mood” is one of the best things that can happen to a busy or stressed out person. Most people will understand that. But getting into that mood when on a work or business trip can leave you with an empty pocket. It is much better to focus on the goal of your trip rather than trying to enjoy yourself. 


c) Wanting to “live large.” 

It is true that life is meant to be lived, but when you want to live large while on a business trip from Lagos to Abuja, it’s time to be cautious. That expensive meal at the restaurant, those costly hotel rooms - are they really necessary? It is good to enjoy yourself but when it eats a big hole in your budget, it’s time to think again. 

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Step 3: Use Transita to book your trip

There are so many interstate transportation companies with buses plying different routes across Nigeria. Their prices are different too. When you use theTransita app to book a trip, you can easily choose the most suitable price that won’t ruin your budget. You can easily compare prices on the app without leaving the comfort of your home. That’s one great way to save money when you travel by road.

Saving your hard earned Naira starts with developing a certain mindset - one that sees possibilities and is open to making some sacrifices. This mindset makes it easier to take the steps explained above. Your life and finances will thank you if you do.