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Transita Partners With Leadway Assurance To Provide Better Travel Experiences For Nigerians

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Transita Partners With Leadway Assurance To Provide Better Travel Experiences For Nigerians

September 16, 2021

Transportation is a fundamental part of Nigerian’s daily activities, and in many ways forms the basis of all socio-economic exchanges. In Nigeria, inadequate transport facilities are often the norm rather than the exception. Thus, a good transport system is essential to support economic growth and development. Several problems plague Nigeria’s transport system which includes bad roads; inadequate fleets of buses or trucks; as well as security issues that arise from banditry and kidnapping in certain areas in the country. In line with these are physical problems such as the death of suitably trained transport managers and planners, capital restructuring bottlenecks, serious issues of institutional reforms, and ineffective traffic regulations.

For a clearer perspective, according to the National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria, a total of 5,535 Nigerians got injured in the road traffic crashes in 2020 with a total of 855 losing their lives as a result. Also, A total of 3,334 vehicles were involved in road traffic crashes in 2020, with an alarming 64% of the vehicles involved in these crashes being commercial. The issues of insecurity have also been reflected in higher fares as transport companies price security risks into their fares. For instance, the transport fare from Lagos to Benin which used to be around NGN3,500 has risen to NGN7,500.


Better covered than sorry
Transita: Better Covered than Sorry


Transita, a mobility tech platform aims to solve these challenges by empowering Nigerians with all the travel information they need in one central platform. According to its Co-founder Tolu Laleye, Transita aims to become the Kayak of Nigeria facilitating all modes of transport be it road, rail, air, or water from one central location. Transita is a web and mobile-based platform that enables intercity travelers in Nigeria to search for trips based on their preferences, compare and identify affordable prices for them, book their seats and travel in peace knowing that their lives and belongings are well protected.

In terms of security, Transita aims to alleviate traveler concerns through its extensive partnership with Nigeria’s leading insurance provider, Leadway Assurance to provide a comprehensive travel insurance package for travelers. The current insurance package most Nigerians receive from transport companies has death and permanent disability coverage of NGN50,000 which is just 20,000 more than the minimum wage of NGN30,000. By partnering with Leadway Assurance, Transita provides an insurance package that has a death and permanent disability coverage of NGN250,000 for Nigerians to ensure they can travel with peace of mind.


Travel with peace of mind
Transita:  Travel with peace of mind


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