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Three Things That Make An App Great

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Three Things That Make An App Great

April 15, 2022

There are a lot of apps around these days. Some have made it to the Google Play Store. Others to the App Store. Some have millions of users. Others have a ton of good reviews. It is true that these things can be an indirect way to measure the quality of an app. But there are still some basic things to look out for. This blog post will discuss three things that make an app great. The first one has to do with purpose. 


Simplicity is all about being focused on purpose. What is the use of your app? Why would a person download and click on your app? You need to focus on helping them get that benefit they are seeking in the easiest way possible. 

This means no room for complex operations or a roundabout way of navigating the app. Everything should be intuitive. If your users have to think hard about what they are trying to do on the app, it is not a great and easy-to-use application. That will in turn lead to fewer users and poor reviews. 



Nobody wants to be delayed when they need something done. They can only endure it but definitely not enjoy it. With the many distractions in our modern world, the slower your app is the more likely you are to get a lower rating and also lose your target audience. 

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The greatest apps are very responsive. They don’t take a long time to open up or load. Speed is everything when it comes to getting your tasks done. Your users expect the same thing when using your mobile application. A good example of a fast app is the Uber app. 



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The world is a very unsafe place. Very often, we hear about identity theft and other similar crimes being committed. Personal information is easily stolen when people enter their details into unsecure websites and apps. It is one of the disadvantages of our digital world but not one that security experts don’t have a solution for. 

To be great and widely accepted, your app must be secure. Nothing in it should give people the impression that their security is at risk. Some app owners do this by not asking for sensitive info from users. One of them is the Transita app. It is also fast and simple to use. This is why a lot of road travellers choose it to meet their travel needs. 


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