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Three Fun Things to Do in Onitsha

Onitsha Mall

Three Fun Things to Do in Onitsha

March 29, 2022

There’s no shortage of things to do in the busy, commercial city of Onitsha. But when it comes to things you would actually enjoy doing, what can you expect to find? This article will explore three fun things you can do in Onitsha. Your trip to this city will not be complete without stopping by some of these spots. It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming from Lagos to Onitsha or some other place - you will find that this place in the Southeast is worth a visit. Here’s the first one on the list. 


1. Stroll into the Onitsha Mall

Like similar malls in Lagos or Abuja, the mall in Onitsha is massive. There’s a huge parking space to complement the imposing building. So many retailers sell their goods in the complex. A food court is available if you want a quick bite. Its tasty meals will satisfy your hunger. You can also buy raw food for cooking in any of the many stores. 

Inside the Onitsha Mall
                                                     Source: Google Images

2. Visit Zik’s Mausoleum

You may already know that the first president of Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe is a native of Onitsha. A monument was built in his honour by the federal government some years ago. You will have a chance to see this edifice when you visit Onitsha. Although this elder statesman died decades ago, you can learn a lot about his life here.

Zik's Mausoleum
                                                        Source: Inland Town.

This place has a museum, video display room, and a library to tell the stories of Azikiwe’s contributions to nation building. Events that took place from before independence to after independence are outlined in this mausoleum. Lovers of history will find this place interesting. But that is not all this southeastern city has to offer. 


3. Chill at Rojenny Tourist and Game Village

Built in 1986, the tourist site is a place to enjoy nature and relax. There is a zoo that hosts a wide variety of wildlife, an olympic-sized swimming pool, and a night club within the premises. It is also child-friendly as it has an amusement park for kids to play in. If you are a sport enthusiast, there is a basketball court, lawn tennis court, and volleyball court for you to get some exercise.

Rojenny Tourist and Game Village
                              Source: NaturalMan/Nairaland

Trees dot the area making it good for a midday rest with a glass of cold coconut juice. If that is not enough rest for you, there are tastefully-furnished rooms for guests to spend the night in. You can be sure that after a day and a night spent here, your stress levels will greatly reduce. 

Rojenny Tourist Village
                              Source: NaturalMan/Nairaland

This is only a short list of fun places and things to do in Onitsha. When you visit the city, you will definitely discover more. But one thing is sure, your time here will be unforgettable.