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Three Apps You Should Have On Your Phone


Three Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

April 20, 2022

Apps. You don’t have to look for them - they are on every smartphone in the world. Some are system apps which come preinstalled, while others are downloadable from either the Google PlayStore or App Store. We use them to make our lives easier. The ones you choose to use will depend on your lifestyle and level of awareness. At any rate, there are three apps you should have on your phone. The number one on the list is a kind of timer. 


1. Countdown Time - Event Countdown

Countdown Time App
                                                          Source: Google PlayStore

When you have an important event to prepare for - a business meeting, a conference, wedding or birthday party, you will need this app. All you have to do is enter the date of the event and it will count the days and hours until the set date. You can track as many important events as you want. You will get a daily reminder. There is even an option to share the countdown with other people. 

In its own way, this mobile application helps you anticipate and prepare for that big day. Of course, you will have to set it properly in the first place. Talking about setting things, the next app on our list requires you to do some tuning. 


2. TuneIn Radio

Do you enjoy listening to local radio stations? Maybe news, football or music-focused stations are your thing. You might even spend hours doing so on a daily basis. If that describes you even a little bit, this app may be a good fit for you. Using the power of the internet, this smartphone app hooks you up with 100,000 radio stations from around the world.

TuneIn Radio App

                                                                     Source: Google PlayStore

Those podcasts and live sports are not hard to access with this application. You’re just a few clicks away from them with TuneIn Radio. Whether you’re in transit to work or relaxing at home, the TuneIn Radio app can go with you everywhere. Since we’re on the subject of transiting, let’s hop on to the Transita app. 

3. Transita

Travelling from one city to another in a different state is easy with the Transita app. It was created to help you get from one state to another without needing to go from one bus terminal to another. You will find different price ranges on the app. Bus companies like Chisco, ABC, Efex, and so on are all available on it. 

Transita App
                                                            Source: Google PlayStore

When you use the app, you won’t need to wait in long queues to buy a bus ticket. All that time will be saved and you’ll be spared the hassle of standing in crowded halls for a long time. This is why Transita and the other apps on the list should be on your smartphone. 


The good thing about these apps is that they are available to both Android and Apple users. That means no matter the size of your pocket, you can have them in the palm of your hand. What are you waiting for?