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Some Facts About Travelling From Lagos to Ijebu Ode by Bus

A roundabout in Ijebu Ode

Some Facts About Travelling From Lagos to Ijebu Ode by Bus

March 31, 2022

The Lagos to Ijebu Ode route is often taken by those from the Southwest region who have one or two things to do in this Ogun state town. Known for its form of garri made from cassava, the town is known as the home of industrialists. This blog post will outline a few quick facts about travelling from Lagos to Ijebu Ode by bus. The first one is the distance separating the two spots. 



A trip from Lagos to Ijebu Ode will cover a distance of over 100 kilometres through the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Other routes are much longer and will take up more time. Since we’re on the subject of time, how long will it take on average to travel from Lagos to Ijebu Ode by bus? 


Travel time

It will take you an average of about 2 and a half hours. Of course, heavy traffic conditions can make it take much longer. Make sure you have a full tank of fuel if you’re driving. 


It costs about N5,000 to board a bus that will take you to Ijebu Ode. Different interstate bus companies have varying prices for this trip. But the price listed here should give you an idea of what to expect out in the streets. 


Travel options

There are a number of travel options open to you. You can find a bus at the many bus terminals located in Lagos or you can download the Transita app and easily book an affordable ride. Feel free to choose from any of the reputable interstate bus companies found on the app. All you have to do is tell the app that you want to go from Lagos to Ijebu Ode. To do this, enter your location in Lagos and also enter your destination, which is Ijebu Ode, then hit the search button. A list of routes belonging to different bus companies will appear on your screen. Let the selection begin and enjoy your trip!