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The Smart Way Interstate Bus Passengers Book Bus Tickets in Nigeria

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The Smart Way Interstate Bus Passengers Book Bus Tickets in Nigeria

May 28, 2022


When it comes to doing certain things, there are usually two ways to go about it. One way is the easy way while the other is the hard way. Most times, the easy method is the smart way. With that in mind, let us look at how you can book an interstate bus ticket the smart way. As a Nigerian, you naturally choose that option. You don’t want to add to the problems you already have, do you? If the way you have been buying bus tickets is wasting your time, energy, and money, you need to try a new way. 


The old way of booking an interstate bus ticket


This is the way many people approach road travel: If they don’t intend to drive, they wait in line at a bus terminal to buy a bus ticket. They may end up going from one bus park to another trying to get a good price before they buy a ticket. Some even bribe bus park staff to secure a place for them in a bus going to their destination. 


We must not forget the pushing, shoving, and quarrels that sometimes occur in the process of booking a seat on an interstate bus. Is that a smart thing to do especially in these times of social distancing? You decide for yourself. 


There’s a good reason it is called the “old way.” It is outdated. There is no need to go this route when you travel. We live in the era of apps. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many other mobile applications. Their purpose is to make life easier and smoother for all of us. This is the new way of doing things. 


The new way smart ones book an interstate bus ticket


Nowadays, there is no need to go through the stress and trouble of going to a bus park to look for a ticket. This is the 21st century. We’ve moved beyond that. Smart people use an app like Transita when they want to travel. There are many advantages of doing so. Some of them are: 


Savings on ticket prices.


Quick and easy bus booking online. 


Many different bus companies to choose from. 


Freedom to choose your preferred seat. 


N250, 000 travel insurance coverage for only N300. 


All of the benefits and more are yours when you use the Transita platform for your bus booking. Find out more about how to book a bus ticket online here - How to book a bus to cities in Nigeria. 


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