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Online Bus Booking vs Physical Booking

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Online Bus Booking vs Physical Booking

June 1, 2022


Online bus booking refers to the act of getting a bus ticket on one of the many online platforms available. Some of them belong to ABC, Chisco, Good is God, etc. You can choose from among any of them when you need to travel. 


Alternatively, you can go to the Transita platform to book a ticket. This is a better option because it offers you a wide variety of bus ticket prices, plus bus companies display their routes for you to choose. Having said that, let’s turn to the main focus of this article. We’ll lay it all out and compare online bus booking with physical bus booking. 


Online bus booking explained 

While physical bus booking involves going to a bus terminal to buy a physical ticket, online bus booking involves opening an app or web portal and booking or buying a ticket on the platform. 




  1. It takes little or no time and effort to do. 


  1. You don’t need to physically go anywhere to book a ticket. 


  1. No standing in long queues. 


  1. No waking up early in the morning to try to get a ticket. 


  1. Requires no human contact so no risk of COVID-19 transmission. 


  1. No pushing and shoving in queues. 


  1. It can be done in the comfort of your home. 


  1. It is easy to pick a preferred seat. 


  1. No time wasting. 



  1. No physical human contact. 


  1. Not all the bus companies are available on online platforms. 


Physical bus booking explained

This has to do with going to a bus park to buy a ticket. The method is as old as ever and many people still stick with it. 




  1. Plenty of human interaction to the point of getting you fed up. 


  1. You might make friends with the cashier even though they won’t smile at you. 


  1. You get to stand for long periods of time and stretch your legs until they hurt. 


  1. You get to be part of the pushing and shoving drama. 


  1. You spend a lot of time and effort just to see the building of your favourite bus terminal. 




  1. Choosing from a wide variety of bus companies involves going around and is stressful. 


  1. You wait a long time to get the privilege of buying a ticket. 


  1. Booking in advance involves making a double trip to the terminal. 


  1. Waking up early in the morning is compulsory. 


  1. It is more expensive because you don’t have a lot of price options. 


Enough has been said. You decide which is the better option. After all, we are all feeling the effects of inflation on travel costs these days. 

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