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Lagos to Onitsha: Cost, Distance, Location, and More

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Lagos to Onitsha: Cost, Distance, Location, and More

January 25, 2022

Many of us know a thing or two about Onitsha. It is the place where a lot of Nigerian films are marketed. If you remember Iweka Road as that place, you are not alone. But there is so much more that this Southeastern city has to offer. This article will explain some of them. It will also discuss what it costs to travel fromLagos to Onitsha by bus, including the distance, among other things.  

Onitsha is located in Anambra State beside the Niger River. It is just after Asaba in Delta State if you’re coming from Lagos by road. The city is known for the Onitsha Main Market, which is the largest in Africa when you consider its size and the number of goods that are traded within it. Some well-known names, like the footballer Alex Iwobi who plays in the English Premier League, and the mathematician Chike Obi, all hail from Onitsha. 


What is the difference between Lagos and Onitsha?

Lagos has a greater population than Onitsha. It is also a metropolitan city while Onitsha is mainly populated by the Igbos. At the same time, people from other ethnic groups also live in this eastern city. Both cities have beautiful tourist spots but Lagos is generally more industrialised than Onitsha. Talking about tourist attractions, here are a few of them to look out for in Onitsha. 


The first is the Onitsha Head Bridge or Niger Bridge. It is a Nigerian icon. It greets all who cross over into the southeast. When you get to it, you will see boats loaded with containers floating on the river. You will also see fishermen doing what they do best in the river beneath the bridge. This scenery is one that has inspired artists for decades. 

Not to be left out is the Ogbunike Cave. If bats, spiders, and long walks don’t scare you, this is one place you will enjoy visiting. The streams that flow out of the dark cave are also relaxing to watch. Prepare to walk barefoot and crawl into the cave at some point. It's all part of the adventure. Here is where you’ll see nature at its finest and imagine what life was like for men and women in ancient times. But don’t leave this city without visiting the palace. 

Ogbunike Cave
                                                               Courtesy: Travel Digest

At the palace of the Obi of Onitsha, you will catch a glimpse of the traditional ruler that has held the community together for a long time. If you visit on the day of a festival, you may even get to see him dance. The colourful processions of the different age grades, as well as the art and architecture of the palace, will warm your heart. 

Palace of the Obi of Onitsha
                                    Courtesy: Anambra1stSon/Nairaland
Inside the Palace of the Obi of Onitsha
                                     Courtesy: Anambra1stSon/Nairaland


What is the distance from Lagos to Onitsha?

Travelling by road, the distance is over 450 kilometres. You will need to pass through the Sagamu-Benin Expressway. 


How long will it take to make the trip by road? 

To travel from Lagos to Onitsha by road, going at the average speed for the expressway, it will take almost 8 ½ hours to get to your destination. So plan your departure time accordingly. 


How much fuel will the trip consume?

Maybe you’ve chosen to drive in your private car. In that case, expect the trip to consume about 60 litres of petrol. 


The cost of travelling from Lagos to Onitsha by bus

It all depends on the bus type, departure time, and interstate bus company you choose. Tickets for small buses have a different price from the ones for larger luxurious buses. The same thing works for buses that leave at night and those that depart in the morning. Of course, the bus companies also have different prices. But you can expect a price range of between N5,000 and N9,000. 

The easiest way to compare prices and choose the most suitable one for yourself is to download and use the TRANSITA app. The app also enables you to book a ticket in advance and pick a seat of your choice.