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Lagos to Aba: Cost, Distance, Location, Direction, and More

lagos to aba

Lagos to Aba: Cost, Distance, Location, Direction, and More

November 29, 2021

What would make you take a trip from Lagos to Aba? It could be strictly business. But it could also be the pleasure of hanging out with your friends and family. Whatever the reason, this article will guide you in more ways than one.

With an estimated population of over 21 million people, Lagos is the most populated city in Nigeria. Commercial banks, and a large number of multinational companies, have their head offices in Lagos. All of this commercial activity attracts Nigerians and foreigners alike. That is a key reason why it is busy and prosperous.


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But how does Lagos compare with Aba?

Lagos is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria. Aba is mainly populated by the Igbos. Unlike Aba, people from many different parts of the world live and work in Lagos. There are many thriving businesses in manufacturing, financial services, and other industries in Lagos. But wait till you visit Aba.


Aba City
Source: Nigercity


In this eastern city, you will find the famous Ariaria International Market. It is known to house almost any product you can think of. Some of the best local fashion designers can be found there. You will also find makers of some of the best leather shoes and other footwear in Nigeria. Some of these shoes are actually of world-class quality.


Source: Nigercity
Source: Nigercity


Traders export these locally-made shoes to Dubai and import them back to Nigeria. The aim is to take out the “locally-made” stigma of the products and make them marketable as “foreign” goods.

At the same time, other traders sell their wares as proudly locally-made. These are the people who realise what you and I know - there is no need to be ashamed of Nigerian products.

Remember the Aba women’s riot we all learnt about in school? You will find relics of that incident when you visit the National Museum of Colonial History in Aba. The traditions and culture that ruled Nigeria before the colonial masters arrived will stare you in the face. You will learn about how our forefathers lived - what they believed, wore, plus how they died - in the days before the Europeans came into Nigeria.


Source: Hello Travel
Source: Hello Travel


How far apart are the two cities?

They are over 600 kilometres away from each other. That is a long way to drive if you’re going by road. But you don’t have to drive yourself. Boarding one of the many buses from the centre of excellence (Lagos) to the Enyimba city (Aba) is an easier option.

How long will it take to make the trip by road?

Travelling at the average speed for an expressway, the journey should take you about 9 hours. This is enough time to do a lot of things. Maybe you can take your laptop along and catch up on some work. You can also just sit back and take in the beautiful scenery as you pass through different cities and towns. That way, you will find that the journey from Lagos to Aba can be enjoyable.

The best route to take

The best route to take is the one that you’re familiar with. There is no way you’ll decide to drive to Aba without knowing the way to go. You will also need to take the advice of frequent travellers into consideration. They know the current road conditions and are in the best position to advise you. If you choose to take a Lagos to Aba bus, the driver will take responsibility for the decision on the best route to take. You can’t possibly make a better decision than a veteran driver, can you?

How much fuel will the trip consume?

As we’ve seen earlier. To go from Lagos to Aba by road, you will need to travel over 600 kilometres. That distance will consume about 60 litres of petrol. You or a bus driver will have to plan for that to make your journey a success.

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