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The Journey Begins


The Journey Begins

July 8, 2021

If you are a regular intercity traveler by road in Nigeria, then you will be familiar with the various challenges an average Nigerian faces when embarking on such trips from issues in identifying affordable prices to road safety concerns. As regular intercity travelers ourselves, we have experienced these challenges and understand fully well the stress that Nigerians go through in situations like this. We are definitely tired of waking up 4 a.m. just to make sure we catch a bus to our desired destinations.


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To solve these challenges, we are excited to announce Transita – a web and mobile based platform that enables intercity travelers in Nigeria to search for trips based on their preferences (e.g., vehicle type or departure time), identify affordable prices for them, book their seats (especially those front seats) and travel in peace knowing that their lives and belongings are well protected.


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Travel on Your Own Terms

With Transita, Nigerians can now travel to anywhere they want, when they want and how they want to. Our platform enables Nigerians to:

  1. - Plan and book their trips in advance.
  2. - Compare prices to identify the most affordable prices for them.
  3. - Select from a wide range of transport service providers such as Chisco, ABC transport, GUO and more.
  4. - Select their desired seats which gives them the most comfort in advance.
  5. - Compare transport vehicles based on their amenities to ensure maximum comfort during their trips.
  6. - Book and connect two different trips to specific locations that cannot be carried out at once from the comfort of your home – a first of its kind in Nigeria.
  7. - Pay for trips through several means such as card payments, bank payments, bank transfers, USSD payments or Visa QR payments all secured by Paystack in partnership with FCMB.


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Your Safety Is Our Priority

Transita has also partnered deeply with Leadway Assurance to provide a comprehensive travel insurance package which includes:

  1. - Death Coverage of NGN250,000
  2. - Permanent Disability Coverage of NGN250,000
  3. - Medical Expenses: N50,000


When compared with the average travel insurance provided in Nigeria which has death and permanent disability coverage of NGN50,000, it shows the great lengths we go to ensure the safety of our users.

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To start using Transita simply visit www.mytransita.com or download the app (available for both iOS and android devices) on the App Store and Google PlayStore.

We hope that as we embark on this new frontier in the travel industry in Nigeria, you will enjoy using Transita as much as we enjoyed making it.

We will also like to thank all of our transport service partners. For transport service providers looking to join, please reach out to us at +2347040311538 or at tolu@mytransita.com.