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Jos to Lagos by Road: Price, Distance, Location, and More

Lagos Lagoon and skyline.

Jos to Lagos by Road: Price, Distance, Location, and More

May 25, 2022


Whether you are travelling from North to South or East to West, you can easily find a bus going your way on Transita. But for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on how to go from Jos to Lagos by road. You will learn about the price and distance, as well as the location. But first, let us compare the two cities - Jos and Lagos. 


How does Jos compare with Lagos?


Jos is a city in North Central Nigeria with relatively cool weather. This is because it is situated on the Jos Plateau that is over 1,200 metres above sea level. Lagos is only 41 metres above sea level, which explains why it is much warmer than Jos. Plenty of tourist attractions litter the city of Jos. It also has a lot of mid-range hotels for visitors on a budget to use. Lagos is not much different. You will find plenty of mid-range and high-end hotels and restaurants. There are also great tourist spots in Lagos. 


While flooding is a problem in many parts of Lagos, Jos has a natural defence against that — it’s high elevation. How far do you have to travel to get to Lagos from Jos?


The distance between Jos and Lagos


The distance between Jos and Lagos is over 1,000 kilometres via the Benin-Sagamu Expressway. 


The cost of travelling from Jos to Lagos by road


To go from Jos to Lagos by bus you will spend between N9,500 and N13,500 on transportation. For the sake of clarity, that is the cost of your bus ticket alone. Feel free to check out the Jos to Lagos route on the Transita platform. There you will see the travel routes of some reliable interstate bus companies. Go ahead and pick the one that suits your budget. 


How long will it take to travel from Jos to Lagos by road?


Going by the distance of over 1,000 kilometres, the trip from Jos to Lagos will take about 16 hours. Since that is more than half a day, you’ll need to plan your departure time appropriately. 


How much fuel will be needed for the trip?


Whoever is driving that far away will need about 120 litres of fuel to complete the trip. But you aren’t driving. You’ve made the smart choice — booking and buying a bus ticket online.