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Iyana Ipaja to Ijebu Ode by Bus: Price, Distance, Location, and More

A roundabout in Ijebu Ode

Iyana Ipaja to Ijebu Ode by Bus: Price, Distance, Location, and More

May 20, 2022

This blog post will discuss some things you need to know about travelling from Iyana Ipaja to Ijebu Ode. So if you’re planning on packing your bag and going from Lagos all the way to Ijebu Ode, you should read this. We will talk about the bus ticket price, distance, location, and much more — all that you need to know before embarking on this journey. To begin, let’s take a comparative look at Iyana Ipaja and Ijebu Ode. 

Comparing Iyana Ipaja with Ijebu Ode

While Iyana Ipaja is known as a crowded Lagos suburb with a lot of low income residents, Ijebu Ode is known for its variant ofgarri called Ijebu garri. But many people do not know that maize, yams, and timber are also an important agricultural produce of the town. 

Even though both cities are located in South West Nigeria, Iyana Ipaja is more of a traffic hotspot than Ijebu. Commuters regularly spend hours in traffic jams in Ipaja. They feel like they have no choice but to endure it because of the cheaper rents landlords charge in the area. 

Unlike Iyana Ipaja, Ijebu Ode has a lot of tourist attractions. Visitors can easily find a place to relax and pass some time. But if you’re visiting this town, you’ll be interested in how far you will have to travel.

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The distance between Iyana Ipaja and Ijebu Ode

Iyana Ipaja is about 100 kilometres by road via the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. That is enough encouragement to leave in good time if you want to make this trip.

The cost of travelling from Iyana Ipaja to Ijebu Ode by road


To travel from Iyana Ipaja to Ijebu Ode you will need to spend about N5,000. For that price, you will get a comfortable bus on the Transita app. You can book in advance from the comfort of your home and even choose your preferred pick point and bus seat.

How long will it take to travel from Iyana Ipaja to Ijebu Ode by road?


Travelling at the average speed for a highway, it will take a little over 2 hours to complete the trip. The same thing applies whether you go by private car or choose to use one of the buses on the Transita platform. 


How much fuel will be needed for the trip?


You will need no less than 20 litres of fuel to make the trip a reality. Of course, severe traffic jams can easily double the amount of petrol you will need. This is why going by bus and letting the bus company worry about that may be the better option.