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How to travel safely from Aba to Lagos in leading privately owned intercity buses

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How to travel safely from Aba to Lagos in leading privately owned intercity buses

September 21, 2021

Travelling from Aba to Lagos is always a fun journey, especially if you go with a registered Privately owned intercity  transport company bus whose drivers understand the route properly. This piece explores how you can transport yourself from Aba to Lagos on a road trip. 

About Lagos City

Lagos city is the second-most populous city in Africa, with an estimated population of over 14.8 million people . Lagos is also a mega city and  in 2018 was considered the most populous conurbation in Africa, with a total estimate of 23.5 million people living in the greater Lagos. 

Known as the centre for excellence, this city is home to many business headquarters and the financial and economic nerve centre for Africa. 

There is no shortage of wonderful places to visit while in Lagos, events centres and relaxation spots dot the city landscape.

Interesting places you Can visit in Lagos

Lagos essentially is made up of the Mainland and a number of connected small islands. Fun seeking Lagosians visit Club houses, Suya spots, Beaches Amusement parks, Malls and many other such places in search of relaxation. 

As a business hub, the city provides ample opportunity for temporary meeting places including hotels lobbies, Beach Resort, Sencillo Lagos, La Campagne Tropicana,  Hov Beach Resort Tarkwa Bay, Moist Beach Club, Kamp Ikare and many others.

Travelling From Aba To Lagos 

TRANSITA offers you a way to get the best travelling experience from Aba to Lagos. Several transportation companies offering  road trips from Aba to Lagos are available on the transita platform.  ABC Transport, GUO Transport, EFEX Executive Express, Chisco Group, are some of our partners that offer you the most comforting trip experience from Aba to Lagos.


lagos city
Lagos City. Image Source: Medium


By A  Hiace/ Hummer buses (Minibus)

To travel from Aba to Lagos by Minibus, all you need to do is book your trip on the Transita platform. visit www.mytransita.com website.  The site has a very versatile trip search form where you can indicate you are travelling from Aba and travelling to Lagos.

Unique features on the form called filters enable you to specify your bus type preference or a Transport company. Clicking on the filter presents options including bus categories. Select Hiace/ Hummer from the drop-down.  


Transita filter
Transita filters by Bus Category


By  Mini Coaches

Travelling from Aba to Lagos by mini coaches is very very cost-effective on routes that this option is available. It combines comfort with a travelling time that is acceptable compared to travelling by any other means with enough comfort and legroom. To easily access the travelling services at your comfort, all you would need is to download the Transita app from the google play store or apple store. As with the website, the mobile app provides the same ability to search your trip and also filter for the bus category prefered.  coaches buses which are very affordable, convenient and cheaper than what is offered at the regular public bus terminal.  You can quickly check out the price for a seat and book your trip with a few clicks on your phone. 


Transita search result screenTransita search results


Travel by mini coach
Travel by Luxurious Bus


Travelling by Long Coaches (Luxurious buses)

Taking a trip from Aba to Lagos by Long Coaches (Luxurious buses) can be another experience if you are not used to this mode of transportation. The Long Coaches (Luxurious buses) are very comfortable executive in nature with an entertainment system to help you enjoy your trip. Most of the Long Coaches (Luxurious buses) used by the commercial transport company most often travel by night because the road will be free and you would be at your destination by the morning. You can book any Long Coaches (Luxurious buses) from Aba to Lagos and purchase your ticket via  Transita. This is mostly because the buses are always pre-booked before the day of the trip. To have a safe and fulfilling trip, you are advised to use transportation companies recommended by TRANSITA because you can purchase insurance for your trip at a negligible fee from is our partner LEADWAY ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED ('LEADWAY'), and you are safe in our hands. Travelling by  Long Coaches (Luxurious buses) from Aba to Lagos can be between N6,500 to N8,000. 



Driving Distance From Aba to Lagos

Road map from aba to lagos
Road map from aba to lagos

So you have decided to travel from Aba to Lagos by road, and you would love to know the journey's driving distance. Based on the Google map's estimated arrival time, the driving distance between Aba and Lagos is about 10 hours. Therefore, the total distance between Aba and Lagos is 610.6 KM/379 miles. However, some factors can affect the driving distance of your journey between Aba to Lagos. Some of these factors are bad roads or traffic jams, impacting your arrival time from Aba to Lagos. 

A major advantage of travelling by road in a comfortable bus is the scenic views and the sight and sound of several Nigerian cities you will traverse. Some of the major cities on the Aba to Lagos route are Owerri, Onitsha, Benin and Ijebu Ode.