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How to Save Money on Transportation Using an App

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How to Save Money on Transportation Using an App

March 29, 2022

These days, money seems to go as soon as it comes. A large number of people in Nigeria earn minimum wage and struggle to pay their bills. As a result, almost everyone is looking for ways to cut down on their expenses. If you would like to know how to save money on transportation, you have come to the right place. This blog post will explain how to do that with an easy-to-use app. But let’s start by talking about why it is difficult to save. 


The challenge of saving money

Inflation is at its highest point in decades. Prices of even the most basic food items have skyrocketed. Most people’s income is hardly enough to care for their needs. Minimum wage or below earners struggle even more. To make matters worse, the tough business environment has led to salary cuts for some workers. All of this has left people with little or nothing to save. Bills have to be paid and people have to survive. Which is why any app that can help people save is more than welcome. 


The money-saving app

The app is called Transita. It is owned by an intercity startup by the same name. All you have to do to start saving money on transportation is go to the Google PlayStore or App Store on your smartphone, search for and download the app. You’ll get a warm welcome to the money saving club with an initial 10% off your first ride. Each ride can take you from one state to another across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Talk about extra savings! Still the party doesn’t stop there. You continue to save as long as you use the app. In case you’re wondering how, here’s the answer. 

Anytime you board a bus from Lagos to Abuja, for instance, you pay whatever the officials at the bus company you’ve chosen to use tell you to pay. This is true whether it is ABC, Chisco, GIG, or any other bus company. What if you could compare the prices of all of them in one app? That is exactly what the Transita app makes possible. You get to see all the different prices and pick the most affordable one that is suitable for your travel needs and budget. Saving money on interstate bus tickets has never been this easy. 


Why it matters

Bus companies make money by selling bus tickets. They want you to use their buses instead of others. They use advertising and public relations to create a certain perception and get you to pay for their transport services. However, Transita is a middleman. Transita helps you to easily compare the prices of as many of them as possible and quickly pick the best and most affordable ones. 

Travelling is an often unavoidable part of life. Whether for business or pleasure, we all have to travel at some point. It is heartwarming to know that we can all save while doing so.