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Hello World

April 13, 2021

We are very excited to show the world what we have been building. We created Transita to solve challenges in the intercity bus travel industry. 

Bus travel is a major means of intercity movement within Africa. Today, most of the ticketing is done offline and in-person which is very inconvenient for Travelers because they have to show up at terminals days before to buy tickets or show up and stand in long lines hoping to catch a Bus




Some of the challenges we have solved so far are:

1. With terminals scattered around the city, each catering to different destinations, travelers can now find the correct (or closest) location to join an intercity bus to their specific destination. Travelers new to a route typically rely on asking around to determine the location of departure terminal(s) and usually end up on the wrong bus & overpaying for trips.

2. We have gathered lots of information about the industry so Travelers will always be able to make an informed decision about their trip and the best way to go about it

3. Travelers can now compare prices and amenities of multiple transport companies in order to make cost-effective trip decisions

4. Travelers can now book trips and buy travel insurance easily all from one location

man beside bus
At The GUO Head Office


We have partnered with the best of the best transport service providers in the country to provide all of our travelers with the most comfortable and safe travel experience. All of our partners take safety seriously and have been providing transport services successfully, some as early as 1981

We promise to continue to innovate solutions that you would love to help you travel cheaply, safely but most importantly seamlessly

Welcome to the new front page of intercity bus travel!