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Fun Things to do in Lagos on the Mainland

Kalakuta Museum Lagos

Fun Things to do in Lagos on the Mainland

January 27, 2022

If you live in Nigeria, you must have heard one or two things about the city of Lagos. You may have even been to the state in the past. This article will explore some of the fun things to do in Lagos on the mainland. After all, there’s no place for boredom when it comes to the centre of excellence. A lot of businesses have invested huge sums of money to make sure that never happens. If you have some cash on you, you can easily have the time of your life in this metropolitan city. Put on your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. Here are some fun places in Lagos. 

The first place we’ll talk about is the Kalakuta Museum.You will find it within the Ikeja area. It is the former residence of the late afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Famous for his peculiar lifestyle and political activism, Fela’s music was a blend of American funk, blues, jazz, and traditional Yoruba music. His clothes, shoes, and musical instruments are all on display here. If you’ve ever admired the man, this is your chance to experience what his life was like. The next place on this list will give you an even deeper experience of the Fela lifestyle. 

The New Afrika Shrine is an open-air entertainment centre in the heart of Ikeja. It has been open to the public since 2000 and welcomes both the rich and the poor. All types of people visit this place for the love of good food, rich music, and African culture. The form of the building is simple. But it is the relics and wise sayings on the walls of this place that stand out. You will feel wiser after drinking a cold bottle of your favourite beer and reading the words of wisdom on the walls. The price of everything is moderate, so a little money does go a long way here. But if this is not your thing and you’re a movie lover, the next spot may be the place for you.

New Afrika Shrine, Lagos.
                         Courtesy: Oluwaseun Ajayi

Ozone Cinemas is in the Yaba area of the mainland. The founders thought it wise to start a business of that kind close to the Yaba College of Technology and the University of Lagos. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of students on the premises. It’s one of the fun places in Lagos, and students love having fun! This is the place to grab a soft drink, some popcorn or other snack, and watch your favourite movie on a large screen. There is even an ATM on the ground floor, a supermarket, and other stores selling a wide variety of items within the complex. A lounge and open-air bar are also within the grounds. This means you can do a whole lot of things here without having to leave. Don’t forget to bring your wallet along though! The cost of all that buying, movie watching, eating, and drinking is sizable. It might even put you in the mood for a fight. The next place is great for blowing off that steam.

Ozone Cinemas, Yaba
                                                               Courtesy: Google Street.

Go paintballing at Ziggies. At this spot, you’ll get to put on your shooting gear, load up some pellets, and strap on your paint gun. Be sure to go with family and friends. The more you are, the merrier you will be at this place. It’s a fun activity for bonding with those you care about, losing some calories, and blowing off some steam from the stresses and strains of the day. Don’t go here on a sunny day though. Hot weather, plus the gear you’ll be wearing, and the physical activity you’ll be involved in - don’t mix well. You can either eat before you arrive or enjoy the food sold on the grounds. Action movie lovers will love this place - pun intended. If all that drama is not enough, try the next fun thing to do on the menu.

Ultimate Arena, Magodo
                                                     Courtesy: Ultimate Arena.

Visit the National Theatre. You will be impressed by the imposing edifice in this place. The building is an architectural masterpiece. Its doors resemble an African mask, and that is just a taste of what awaits you behind the doors. You can watch original African plays and book adaptations in the theatre. It was established in the late 1970s and remains one of the edifices that stand as a cultural icon in Nigeria. There is also a book store within the centre where you can pick different kinds of books before you leave. If you feel like having a drink, one of the many beer and pepper soup joints will bring your day to a relaxing end. This takes us to the last but one place on our list of fun things to do in Lagos.

National Theatre, Lagos.
                                                Courtesy: National Theatre.

Airport Hotel, Ikeja. You don’t need to be on your way to the airport in order to visit this place. You don’t even have to lodge at the hotel either. All you have to do is get to the place and visit the poolside. There you will see a clean, standard swimming pool surrounded by a barbecue spot, a food spot, and a bar. Well-built changing rooms are also on both sides of the pool, so you can easily change into your swimwear or buy a new one from the pool attendant. This is the place to unwind, take a dip in the water, and escape the hot weather.

Airport Hotel, Ikeja.
                                            Courtesy: Hotels.com

There’s almost nothing you can’t do in Lagos when it comes to fun things, going places, and enjoying new experiences. Whether you’re travelling from Abuja to Lagos, Port Harcourt to Lagos, or from any other city - Lagos Mainland will more than meet your expectations in the entertainment department. As you know, all work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull boy or girl, right?