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Abuja to Aba: Cost, Distance, Location, Direction, and More

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Abuja to Aba: Cost, Distance, Location, Direction, and More

October 29, 2021

Whether you’re traveling for business or recreation, using public transportation is one of the options you are likely to choose. But before we talk about bus booking, we are going to discuss what it takes to travel from Abuja to Aba by bus. Let’s start with a brief look into the city of Abuja. 

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and is located in the center of the country. Known for its breathtaking structures, it is a major attraction for tourists. The famous Aso Rock graces the skyline on the outskirts of the city. High altitudes tend to help moderate its weather. This may explain why the temperature all year round ranges from between 135 degrees to 36 degrees celsius.

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Not too far from Aso Rock sits the National Assembly and Presidential Complex. They represent the government of the country and are easily recognizable. There is also the beautiful millennium park in the district of Maitama. But let’s not forget Aba.

How does Abuja compare with Aba?

Aba is an older city. It has a long history as a commercial center since the pre-colonial days. Nowadays, it is known for its skilled craftsmen who make all kinds of clothes and footwear.

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This southeastern city records temperatures that range from 22 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees celsius. Just as in other cities in Nigeria, there is a rainy season and a dry season. Interesting spots include the Aba Museum, Ariaria International Market, and the Enyimba International Stadium.

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How long will it take to make the trip by road?

It will take between 10 and 12 hours to travel by road from Abuja to Aba. That is more than an entire workday. What will you be doing in that amount of time? The answer depends on whether you’re driving or not. If you’re chilling in the passenger seat of a bus, you can spend the time watching a movie or listening to music. When you do this, you may not even realize that you’ve arrived at your destination.

How much fuel will the trip consume?

For a journey that can take as much as 12 hours, you would expect that it would consume a lot of petrol or diesel. Well, you are right. If you’re driving all the way, you should plan on using 60 to 80 liters of petrol or diesel. Not to worry, there will be plenty of filling stations along the way if you ever need to buy more fuel. The best route. Ordinarily, the best route is the one that takes you to Aba in the shortest time possible. But there are other things to think about. One of them is the road condition. You will need to find out things like that before you decide on the best route to take.

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Transport Bus

In conclusion, the easiest way to travel from Abuja to Aba by bus is to check for the best prices and transport companies going your way. Next, you can choose a suitable pickup point and go ahead to book a bus ticket. Now you can sit back and relax until it’s boarding time. One company that makes all that possible is Transita.