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Aba To Abuja: Cost, Distance, Location, And Direction

Aba to Abuja on Transita

Aba To Abuja: Cost, Distance, Location, And Direction

September 16, 2021

You have decided to take a road trip from Aba to Abuja, and you are looking for useful information on what your trip would look like and what the journey also looks like. Well, you are in the right place. Traveling from Aba to Abuja by road is a journey that would take you roughly about 10 to 11 hours, depending on the vehicle speed. Before we go on and explore the details about the joinery, here is some background information about the two locations.


Aba City
Image Source: Ou travel And tours

Aba is located in the southern-eastern part of Nigeria, with its state capital as Abia state. Aba is known for its major market, where many people travel to buy clothing materials, upholstery materials and other fashion items. It is considered one of the largest commercial centers in the eastern part of Nigeria, which hosts many businesses and traders. The city is located on the map with the following coordinate 5.1216° N, 7.3733° E


On the other hand, Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria; it is the main point where a lot of ministry and government offices are located. Moreover, Abuja is called the heart of Nigeria as it is the center point for the country. Abuja is also known for its expensive lifestyle and is considered the most expensive city in Nigeria and West Africa. Meanwhile, Abuja's location on the map is based on the following longitude and latitude coordinates of 9.0765° N, 7.3986° E.


Abuja City
Image Source: City Ranking

Driving distance between Aba and Abuja

Driving from Aba to Abuja would take you some time as the distance is quite far apart. If you are new to road trips, you might as well not understand how to navigate through the road, which can take you a lot more time to figure out. However, the driving distance is 645 KM and 531 meters or 401.1 miles. Also, the straight line distance between the two cities is 439 KM and 900 meters or 273.3 miles. Besides, the distance that would be covered while driving from Aba to Abuja would vary from the straight line distance due to the road's curvature. There are various routes between Aba and Abuja that you can drive through; however, it would be best to follow the commercial transport routes if you are not experienced.


The Time difference Between Aba and Abuja

There is a slight time difference between Aba and Abuja because the two cities are located in different zones of the country. The time difference is 0 hours, 0 minutes and 6 seconds; however, the calculation of both city times is based on UTC. Also, whenever you are traveling From Aba to Abuja, you should have in mind the Sunrise, Sunset and day length of each city.


The travel time between the two cities
The travel time between the two cities


Averagely the travel time is expected to be around 12 hours and 45 minutes; however, this time frame is dependent on the speed of the vehicle and road free of delays, traffic or any obstacle.  This time duration of the journey between the two cities can be achieved at an average speed of 50 KM/hr.  Your travel time can also vary based on the expertise of the driver to maneuver bad portions of the road that can cause a delay while slowing down.


Your Midway Location Between Aba To Abuja Road Trip

The Halfway of your journey while traveling from Aba to Abuja is between the latitude of 7.09 and the longitude of 7.3. if you need to refresh yourself or have a stopover, this would be a perfect location for you during your trip. First, however, you must check if the place is safe and located in the city center.


The Best Driving Direction For Aba To Abuja

Aba to Abuja


To successfully navigate your way from Aba to Abuja, you must know the road or understand how to make use of the map. This is because you would have to pass through cities on the way, and there are places you should avoid driving through to save you time, energy, and fuel. Although the distance and time expected to arrive at Abuja might vary if you use Google maps if you are familiar with the road route, you can easily save a lot of time and resources.


Aba to Abuja Road Map

From the map above, you would realize that Abuja is located on the north side of Aba. Aba being in the south means traveling uphill to Abuja, which can contribute to the distance required to cover during your trip and time spent. Along your route to Abuja, there are various locations you would have to dive through, such as Awka, Edo State, Kogi State, and some other locations. In addition, there are various relaxation centers, hotels and tourist attractions on your driving route. You can check for other information like places you can visit while traveling to Abuja using Google Map street view.


conoil filling station
Image Source: Premium times NG

Average fuel cost for a road trip from Aba to Abuja

Of course, the cost of fuel to which would be used for your road trip between Aba and Abuja varies based on many factors. These factors include the following the vehicle make, the rate of fuel consumption of the vehicle make and the cost of fuel at your time of travel. With the driving distance between the two cities as 645 KM, your fuel cost can be analyzed in the following way:


Distance 645 KM

Fuel consumption per 100 KM

10 Litres

Total fuel to be consumed

64.5 Litres


A liter of fuel costs About N165, depending on the filling station.

You should be looking at the cost of about N11,000



What are the cheapest ways to travel from Aba to Abuja?

The cheapest way to travel from Aba to Abuja is through commercial buses, which can cost About N8000 upwards depending on the vehicle you have booked. It is best if you check multiple vehicle companies and compare prices before booking.

How can I travel from Aba to Abuja without a car?

The best way to travel without a car is to board a bus which can take approximately 11 to 12 hours for your journey.

Can I drive from Aba to Abuja?

Yes, you can drive from Aba to Abuja, and the driving distance is 645 KM which depends on your final destination in Abuja.