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5 Fun Places To Visit in Akure

Idanre Hills in Akure

5 Fun Places To Visit in Akure

April 13, 2022

There’s no doubt about it. You’re here because you like having fun. If you happen to be visiting or planning on visiting Akure, then you’re in luck. This article will describe five places you can visit in Akure to have fun. The goal is to leave you without a dull moment from the day you set foot in this town till the day you exit the place. Let’s talk about the first spot. 

1. Idanre Hills

Towering, breathtaking hills, and wide spaces litter this beautiful landscape. You will enjoy a tour here if you go with a group. If you have heard about the seven wonders of the ancient world, the nine wonders on this hill will amaze you. They include: 


  1. The Great Steps - This is a flight of stairs with 660 steps and five resting points. Each of the steps is 100 metres apart, and they lead to the hills. 
  2. The Unreadable Signs. 
  3. The Wonderful Mat
  4. Agboogun’s Footprint - This is a footprint in the rock that fits any person’s size, excluding those who are believed to be witches or wizards. 
  5. The Thunder Water. 
  6. A Mystical Dilapidated Building.
  7. A Blackened Slate. 
  8. The Orosun Hill - A river said to have healing properties flows from this hill. 


Impressed? Well, since we’re talking about water, let’s move on to the next spot which is a waterfront. 


2. Igbokoda Waterfront

This place is great for fishing, swimming, sailing, diving, and picnicking. Should any of these activities tickle your fancy, don’t fail to visit this waterfront. A large body of water will greet your eyes the minute you arrive here. 

Igbokoda Waterfront
                                                       Source: VisitNigeriaNow

Some say this spot is where one of the largest bodies of water in Nigeria is. At any rate, you can be sure that a trip to Igbokoda waterfront will make your day. 


3. Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre

There’s no fishing or swimming allowed in this lake. But you can listen to the folklore surrounding it. A priest offers sacrifices to it from time to time as the waterbody is believed to be a deity. You’ll see animals like antelopes and bushpigs drinking water from the lake if you stay here long enough. 

Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre
                                      Source: Experiencenaija/Nairaland

They call it “the bottomless lake”, as no one knows how deep it is. We do know that it is about 2 kilometres long and 45 metres wide though. 



4. Igbo Olodumare

Igbo Olodumare means “Forest of the Almighty.” It goes without saying that the locals believe this forest is mystical. It is a thick green forest that has been used as the set for movies. 

Igbo Olodumare
                                         Source: The234Project

You just might stumble on a familiar stretch of forest from a movie you love in this place. Who knows? At any rate, don’t end your trip to Akure without stopping by at the palace. 


5. Deji of Akure Palace

This is the home of the traditional ruler of the town. Here is where to pay homage to the Chief Caretaker of the land. You can also learn more about the culture and traditions of this beautiful location at the palace. 

Deji of Akure Palace
                                                      Source: WikiMedia

Feel free to ask all the questions you have at this point. You’ll leave with a head full of stories and a mind filled with memories - especially if you make the trip with Transita

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