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5 Exciting Things To Do in Warri

Nanna Olumu Living History Museum

5 Exciting Things To Do in Warri

March 7, 2022

What comes to mind when you think of Warri? Their special brand of pidgin, right? The smooth but aggressive way it sounds? A lot of people will agree with you. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about. Let’s stick to some other things you will love about this oil city. Here’s a list of 5 exciting things to do in Warri. 


1. Visit Nanna Living History Museum

This is a rare living history museum. Many museums just showcase items and art from the past. But this is one place that gives you a real experience of history. It recreates the world of Chief Nanna Olumu in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You’ll see the inside of his living room, the chairs, utensils, and other items - all in their normal place.

Nanna Olumu was an Itsekiri chief and slave merchant who was sent into exile by the British. He eventually returned to ascend the throne in his Niger Delta region before his death in 1916. Enough of the history lessons. It’s time to go to the beach!


2. Go to McCarthy Beach, Abraka

If crystal clear water to swim in, beach sand, and a bush bar make you want to travel to Warri - this is the place for you. The Ethiope River flows into this “beach.” This spot is ideal for picnics and get-togethers. There are huts and benches to sit on after taking a dip in the cool, clean water. You can even watch the fishes as they swim at the bottom.

McCarthy Beach, Abraka.
                                                      Source: Come to Nigeria

The same water also flows into some swimming pools, so you can safely swim with the fishes there. Canoes for rent are available on-site for those who are skilled in the sport. There’s no doubt that a visit to this beach will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. That takes us to the next spot on our list.


3. Hop into Effurun Garden Park

This is a nice swimming spot for the whole family. Both kids and adults can have a good time here. The swimming pool is divided into two sections. One is big and deep enough for adults while the other one is small and shallow for the safety of children. There is even a section for eating and drinking to your satisfaction. For kids who want to have extra fun, there are different rides for their amusement.

Effurun Garden Park Swimming Pool.
                                                               Source: Google Images

Young or old - everyone can have fun in this place and relax. You should definitely stop by this park if you visit Warri. You won’t regret it. The next destination is for those who love to shop.


4. Stop by Delta Shopping Mall

Shopping always feels good in this mall. The spacious car park, modern shopping complex, and clean environment will delight you. You can buy food, drinks, household utensils, and so much more here.

Delta Shopping Mall
                  Source: Resilient Africa

If window shopping is your thing and you just want to look around and admire the place, feel free to do so. The place is secured with a gate and well-trained security men. But before you leave Warri, try to check out the last place on this list.


5. Check into Gordon's River Resort

Within the premises of McCarthy Beach is Gordon’s River Resort. After spending time at the beach, you can spend the night - or the weekend - at this resort. White sand beaches, a serene environment, and over sixty exquisitely furnished rooms will greet you.

Gordon's River Resort
                                                      Source: Gordon Resort Hotel


Your eyes will also be graced with the sight of beautiful gardens and nice resting spots beside a swimming pool. 

Few places can compare to what the city of Warri has to offer visitors. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling from Lagos to Warri or from any other state. As long as you end up in Warri, you’re sure to have a good time.